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It all started when…

Individual Sessions

Intuitive Reiki $100 for 60 minutes

We have 7 energy centers in our body. When we experience trauma or hurt, the energy of those experiences can get trapped in our physical bodies creating physical pain and 'dis'ease.

We talk before your session and as I receive messages for you, we discuss where some of your potential blocks could be. This is the time where we allow your physical, spiritual and mental body to connect and recharge to help you remove those blocks and emotions so that you are able to heal yourself from the inside out.

Reiki and Energy Awaken Session $100 for 60 minutes

Energy awaken is a modality to assist your physical body in allowing the reception of energy into itself. By using my gifts in both areas, you get a boost of both worlds.

Full Session $150 for 90 minutes

This session will include everything above as well as the use of all tools. These could include all or a portion of the following: essential oils, crystals, sound therapy, energy awakening technique.

I will use everything that I have been taught and guided to use in order to assist you in your optimal healing and health.

Full 2 hour session $200

In this session, we will go deeper into your self sabotaging mindsets and old patterns of belief and behavior. We will have intuitive messages and information come through at a subconscious level in order to talk about and release things to allow you to completely release old energy. This can be an intense session and is for the soul who really wants to dig deep!

Life Coaching $400

This includes four, 75 Minute Sessions of a full session. This package is valid for 60 days and the cost of the package is due at the time of your first treatment. This is for anyone who wants to expedite their spiritual growth and practice and be committed to themselves for two months. This package also includes access to me via text for the duration of treatment.

Group Sessions

Guided Meditation $35 per person (may vary depending on event)

Meditation is a way for you to calm your mind, body, and soul.

It is one of the most valuable tools to assist you in receiving clarity in your life.