I am already looking forward to the next treatment!
— Patty k.
Chantelle has such a warm and inviting space I never wanted to leave! By taping into my energy she helped me realize and understand my body better along with things I should be doing more often in my everyday life. I cannot wait to come back and get another session with Chantelle
— Rob k.
Through reiki, Chantelle is able to bring awareness and knowledge to help one heal both emotionally and physically. She is exceptionally perceptive and intuitive, qualities that enable her to restore balance and health in one’s life.
— Marg C.
I can’t praise this woman and her abilities enough. She can raise your vibration and heal just by stepping into the room. Her intuition and her healing abilities are immeasurable and therefore invaluable. Chantelle is someone I will always be sure to keep close
— Kim S.
Chantelle is a ray of sunshine that truly beams from the inside out!
— Paul L.
I have a new respect for holistic healing after having a reiki treatment with Chantelle
— Ann m.
Recovery from a serious car accident took many years of my life. Confined to a hospital bed too many times with intense pain and eventual surgery, Chantelle’s treatment regime was an integral force in my healing process. A gentle yet powerful approach to heal the mind and body and spirit. I will forever be grateful for her abilities in helping me return to a healthy and normal lifestyle
— Ted A.
I’ve never had a reiki treatment done but had hears many great stories. Chantelle appeared in my life and I was immediately drawn to her warmth and genuine smile. I had my first treatment done after only knowing her socially for a week. She was very informative and patient with me during my experience. All the answers and comments she had for me, she explained to me clearly. I was able to understand being a newcomer to energy healing. Her knowledge and compassion for others is endless. She guided me through each step as she performed reiki on me. No matter your level of understanding I would recommend Chantelle.
— Denra S.
I have never felt as good as I did after a treatment with Chantelle. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Marie m.